Who We Are

Frilco Philippines corporation is an accredited environmental service provider which cater transportation storage, treatment and disposal of both hazardous and non hazardous waste material. 



To create the country’s top trusted recycling company by becoming “Number One” in the eyes of our customers and to be one of the leading recycling companies in the Philippines by the year 2025.


Provide the best environmental services through advanced technology and continuous innovations. Excel in building an outstanding and proactive team thereby leveraging the company’s strengths for the good of our customers, employees and other stakeholders.  Offer RELIABLE and SYSTEMATIC PRACTICES without compromising the QUALITY of products and services offered. 

Environmental and Quality Policy Statement

Frilco Philippines Corporation accepts responsibility for the harmful effects its operators have on both the local and global environment and is committed to reducing them.

Frilco will measure its impact on the environment and set target for ongoing improvement.

It's the policy of FRILCO PHILIPPINES CORPORATION to provide its customer with a high quality service. The overall policy of the company is to provide the people, organization and resources to supply our customers with the products and services that satisfy their requirement in very respect. Furthermore, FRILCO is committed to continuously improving the quality of Company operations and the services provided by the company.